• Three-phase Hybrid Inverter

    Three-phase Hybrid Inverter


The team at Dutt constantly watches out for new technologies and applications that arise in the field of power electronics. From the new IGBT technologies such as SiC and Gan, two applications related to energy storage, micro-networks, peak-shaving, charging electric cars, etc.

As a result of this interest in always being one step ahead of the needs of our customers, Dutt is developing an inverter capable of integrating several energy sources, for its subsequent storage in batteries, with the aim of releasing that energy depending on the needs.

The power of the equipment must be modular and compatible with the power modules previously developed by Dutt, in a range from 35 kW up to a MW.


Development of a system comprising a bi-directional inverter that converts and controls solar energy for its subsequent storage in batteries. It can operate both connected to the electricity grid and also in its absence.

Optionally, a generator can be added as a backup or to increase the power of the installation. In any event, the equipment takes care of keeping it at its optimal point of operation, guaranteeing minimal consumption.

The equipment also includes a local or remote monitoring system for consumption and energy generated.

The possible functions of the equipment are:

Peak Shaving:  Reduction of the power contracted by eliminating the spikes in consumption by injecting additional energy from the batteries.

Micro-Grids:  This is a distribution grid that includes generation and storage, and also has the capacity to operate as an island.

Electric car recharging: It avoids costly adaptations of the network infrastructure faced with the need for an increase in power required by quick charging.

Weak Grids: A system that guarantees a stable supply in locations with weak grids or where they are absent.

Renewable energy optimization: Makes it possible to use the energy when it is needed, not only when it is generated.


The experience and knowledge acquired by the team at Dutt in the development makes it an unavoidable Partner for those companies interested in the development of solutions related to energy storage.