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The year 2003 Dutt faced the challenge launched by Pasaban, the manufacturer of Capital Goods, to create a line of converters adapted to the needs of their machinery dedicated to the Paper Industry.

The existing commercial electronics limited the possibilities of setting itself apart from the competition and they understood that open electronics, expressly developed for the application, was one of the key points for the improvement of their competitiveness.

The challenge was not easy as it meant the development of a solution capable of controlling multiple motors with certain power (35 kW - 500 kW), in processes which require high precision, with constant accelerations and decelerations.


The engineering team at Dutt, along with the Electronics Department from Pasaban, has designed a line of converters with customised control and power electronics, and an intuitive software that facilitates complex configurations, both locally and remotely. The equipment is optimised to work in very demanding environments and applications 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

For this purpose we have designed a control electronics called serie 4000, which along with the line of IGBT power modules, make up the range of converters that resulted from the challenge. 

The variators with Dutt technology cater to applications that demand high quality, such as the manufacture of Paper Currency, where Pasaban is one of the leading manufacturers of machinery, certified as a supplier by the European Central Bank. Dutt technology can be found on the five continents, solving applications in countries and regions such as the USA, Russia, Germany, South Africa, France, India, Australia, etc.

Dutt not only supplies technology but also manufactures and fully assembles all the electronics at its installations, therefore becoming an integral supplier of the solution.


As a result of the challenge Dutt assembles annually more than 300 modular cabinets with its own technology in constant evolution.